Log On To 88Sears My Pay to Keep Track of your Earnings

At this present economic time wherein a lot of people are having difficulties in trying to make ends meet, it is just necessary that we keep an eye on our earnings. This is for us to be able to budget our finances well. So if you work for Sears, you should better check out 88Sears My Pay. This web facility is designed for all employees of Sears, allowing them to keep track of their earnings.

How to Access 88Sears My Pay

All you need to do is to type in the URL of 88Sears’ website, which is www.88Sears.com. As soon as you reach the homepage, look for a link that says “My Information”. Click on this link and choose the option that says “My Pay”. As soon as you click on this, you will be taken to a page that shows all your earnings, including other financial information. Take note however that before you can have access to this, you must be able to log in at 88Sears My Pay.

Benefits of the Website

There are lots of benefits that an employee of Sears can benefit from the www.88Sears.com site. For one, it can help employees to decide where their money will go in case they already have it on hand. This is also for them to decide if their earnings are enough to repay any loan just in case they decide to obtain one. Basically, the purpose of 88Sears My Pay is for the employees to be able to have access on the information about the salary that they receive on a monthly basis.

88Sears Human Resource

The 88Sears My Pay is actually a part of the human resource site of Sears. And aside from Sears’ employees, the Kmart employees can also benefit from this site. In case you didn’t know, Kmart is actually an affiliate of Sears.

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